October 28th, 2010

The Librarian

A little-known classic

Have been rewatching Haggard over the past couple of evenings ... an absolute gem of a sitcom, unusual because it's set in pre-Regency England. The costumes (anotheranon, you'd love them), sets, and all other visuals are of the same quality as in a historical drama (and, knowing the BBC's habit of saving and recycling such things, were probably borrowed from one); add good stories and excellent comedic acting/timing to such a rich setting and the result is one of the network's finest shows. Yet, strangely, few seem to have heard of it, let alone seen it ... virtually nothing online about it.

So, in the interest of promoting a show (and DVD) that darned well deserves it, and because I just realized that I can actually grab screen caps with my new computer, here are Collapse )