October 19th, 2010

The Librarian

Funny things

Actually tore myself away from the knitting needles and BBC Radio online long enough to get some reading done! Finished Dan Abnett's Triumff, which was quite enjoyable ... humour and swashbuckling go so well together in the right hands. Hopefully there'll be more Triumff books from Mr. Abnett ... he has the potential to equal George Macdonald Fraser's The Pyrates. And I wanna know the words to the song about the Guinea Coast!

Also got my hands on and devoured, at one sitting, the new Terry Pratchett book, I Shall Wear Midnight (I think we got the better cover yet again, libwitch). Great fun, lots of deep philosophical musings behind the humour, and 'twas lovely bonus to see a character from the very early days of Discworld make a reappearance.

Still have the latest Arturo Pérez-Reverte waiting my attention, but this requires a full day, with my brain at 200% alertness and appreciation, devoted to solely to it ... his work must be properly worshipped and not merely read. ;-)