September 28th, 2010

The Librarian

More "Fry's English Delight"

Just wanted to let you know that series two of this show is just as delicious as series one. Episode subjects are: "So Wrong It's Right", "Speaking Proper", "Hello", and "The Joy of Gibberish". And a new quirk was added the second time 'round ... the end credits for each episode are written to fit in with their topic.

Now even more eager to hear the series three CDs, which are being released in December. :-)

New and blue

Newest socks begun in the opposite of my usual direction. But this yarn has slightly lower yardage than most its type, so decided, since I've several hanks of it, to do one pair of toe-up socks so that I have a "guideline" pair for leg length that will let me do future pairs in my usual favourite top-down pattern without worrying about running out of yarn. Normally I just buy two hanks/balls/skeins of any sock yarn that catches my eye (if I like it that much I won't mind having two pairs of socks made from it), but that trick doesn't work with Jitterbug ... because it's handpainted, even two skeins dyed sequentially on the same day out of the same dyepots have differences in colour distribution and saturation ... some very slight (I did get away with the working from two skeins trick with my Kalajoki socks), but most very noticeable once you start winding the yarn. So starting out with the slightly less-vivid of my two hanks of "Kingfisher" (even if it's the less-vivid one, the blues and purples still glow, though the camera can't see that properly).