September 27th, 2010

The Librarian

Knitting progress

These have been lingering on my needles since April, poor things, but last night I finally got 'em done and grafted. Another two skeins out of the baskets and into the dresser! Now to choose which lucky yarn gets to be cast on next ...

The Librarian

New listening!

A new humorous science fiction series has started on BBC7 this week: Nebulous. Nicely silly, though the characters seem a teensy bit forced ... I figure that, like most new shows, as the actors get more used to working with each other, they'll start sounding more relaxed and "naturally" weird, especially since Mark Gatiss of The League of Gentlemen is starring and he's a veteran comedy ensemble performer.

Gatiss has a doubleheader going at the moment ... he's also reading his novel The Devil in Amber on BBC7 (I own the book and its sequel ... they're fun! ... and the only reason I'm not listening right this moment is that BBC iPlayer is having one of its cranky moments and refusing to connect)