August 7th, 2010

The Librarian

From my morning today ....

Hairdresser (washing the goop out of my hair and getting first look at new colour): Well it's darker. ***long pause*** And there's definitely violet in there.
Me (a wee tad concerned that he went a little too quiet after saying that): And how's the red?
Hairdresser: Oh don't worry, it's not purple.

Evil bad man! No, it's not purple (thank goodness) ... it's a dark auburn that still flashes that good ol' "six block" red when the light hits it. Can't see the violet m'self, but I'll take his word for it.
The Librarian


"The characters and events depicted herein are fictional. Any similarity to actual persons, demons, anti-Christs, aliens, vampires, face-suckers or political figures, whether living, dead or undead, or to any actual or supernatural events is coincidental and unintentional. So don't come whining to us."

Disclaimer in the front of each of the new Farscape graphic novels. Which are darn fine reading, BTW.

Of course I actually read the tiny print on the backs of title pages. I'm a cataloguer!