April 27th, 2010

The Librarian

Educational discoveries of the day

I can get these jeans off and on without unfastening them! Obviously hip shrinkage has been happening without any deliberate effort on my part ...

Successfully grafted the toes of a finished pair of socks at knitting night without needing to refer to the instructions (good thing, 'cause I forgot to pack 'em, though I did have the necessary darning needle and scissors) AND while being distracted by and participating in several different conversations going on around me. Presumably this means I now actually understand how it works (sorta) instead of just doing as the bit of paper tells me and being thrilled when it works.

Trying to pull the "oops, this is my stop and I almost missed it" routine when the transit cops board a c-train guarantees absolutely no mercy from them. No, it wasn't me ... I'm not stupid enough to risk the astronomical fines levied for not being able to prove you paid your fare. 'twas the guy sitting in front of me on my trip home from knitting night who tried to dash off by shoving past one. Seriously dumb move ... they don't step on until the millisecond before the doors lock and the train starts to move, so ya ain't gonna make it off even if they were inclined to let you try.