April 18th, 2010

The Librarian

Decisions, decisions ...

I've become accustomed to have two different pairs of socks on the go ... one pair in regular 4-ply-weight sock yarn and one pair in heavier 6-ply weight (fewer stitches on larger needles). However I've used up my stash of 6-ply, so now that second pair is gonna be in the thinner yarn as well (hence my trek for a second set of needles yesterday) ... the goal being to get my sock stash out of the yarn baskets and into a dresser drawer (y'know, so there's room for OTHER yarn in the baskets). Knew I wanted to get back to using Crazy Zauberball, using this design in the ribbing and in a single column clock down each side of the socks, but can't decide which of these two colourways to grab first. So I'll let the followers of my gaudy sock collection decide ...

The Librarian

Galaxy socks progress

Flared increases to fit over insteps done and heels turned (that teensy 3D bit curving over the back of my heel). Next phase: working back and forth across back half of sole until it's aligned with top of foot again (and joining the sole to the upper part of the sock as I go), then round and round towards the toes!

Amazing how much one can get accomplished when one's day off unintentionally begins before 6:00 a.m. thanks to the phone ringing due to a wrong number. And presumably not an emergency, since caller was laughing and chatting to people in the background before finally saying "'allo" to the answering machine (which might be why he was talking in amused Spanish to a machine that had answered in English ... the peril of not paying attention) ;p

The Librarian

Happy overstimulated tastebuds

In the last couple of weeks there's been shuffling going on of the shops in the strip mall across the street ... the really expensive Inuit art store has left (lovely stuff, but seriously, this was a poorly chosen location ... who stops on the way home from work for bread, toilet paper, takeout food, and a 500 pound soapstone carving?). The used book store has moved into the larger quarters left vacant by the art place. And the Filipino bakery/convenience store has moved into the book store's space, which means that ***gasp!*** it's now larger than a double bus shelter and physically possible to actually move around and leisurely look at the stock to learn what's in there (besides the all-essential rice cakes, samosas and pichi-pichi). And so yesterday on my way back from yarn shopping, seeing that they were all set up and open, I dropped in, got some rice cakes ***YUM!***, and, while browsing around the new shelving, discovered item #1 on this page: Boy Bawang Garlick Flavor Cornick (crunchy fried corn with seasonings). Man, when they say "garlic flavor" they ain't kidding ... there's more garlic in this than there is in garlic! And some chili powder, but at levels low enough that my Celtic metabolism can cope with it. Delicious! (there's the occasional piece of fried cornsilk too, but, having husked corn and knowing how impossible it is to remove every bit of that, I'll forgive 'em). Nice thing is that a little bit of this snack goes a very long way towards soothing any junk food urges ... this bag is gonna last a LONG time. :-)
The Librarian


BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO libwitch and readingcelt!!!!!

I confess it ... the race to get out of here and down the hill to the station yesterday morning derailed the thought process that was supposed to take care of remembering to do this ...