March 24th, 2010

The Librarian

My goodness!

Have had a vague knitting-related "what if" notion slowly percolating at the back of my brain for a couple of weeks ... and looks like, after some research and scouting and surfing, that I may have come up with something completely new! As in I need to experiment and see if what seems so logical and feasible in my head is actually doable in a practical way (an absolute must in a non-visual thinker ... there are no brain pictures for this whatsoever ... just a concept and a "feeling")

Shall be less vague once I've got some other projects out of the way and can settle down to playing with this (at this stage the techie-speak would be meaningless to a non-knitter without lots of diagrams), but if it works out I may get to ***gasp*** call myself a "designer". Or, at least "innovator of some kind." ;p

We shall see ...
The Librarian

Curiouser and curiouser

Did some playing around with my camera tonight, doing checks of different colours around the apartment. Red comes out colour-true. Blue comes out colour-true. Green comes out colour-true. It's only purples that it seems suddenly determined to make much bluer than in RL. And it wasn't always like this ... purple yarns and fabrics photographed weren't blueified (not not my monitor going screwy either ... now that I'm paying attention, camera preview screen is looking far too blue before photos are loaded, and comparing stashed purple yarns and fabrics to older photos shows they're perfect matches).

Ah well, it's motivated me to investigate and play with my computer's image colour adjustment features in the quest for the perfect grape ... ;p