February 17th, 2010

The Librarian

A bit of fun for my fashion-loving buddies ...

Just randomly flipped open the newest issue of "Sewing with Stitches Australia" (formerly Australian Stitches) and the lucky first-gazed-upon page was a review of this book: Forgotten Fashion: an illustrated faux history of outrageous trends and their untimely demise, by Kate Hahn.

Looks like fun reading. ;-)

And seeing it reminds me that I forgot to bring my book notes home again! Hopefully will remember tomorrow or Friday so I can post a new list at catdesk this weekend.
The Librarian

More fine reading ...

... and this time it's Canuck humour at its twisted best. Trevor Strong of The Arrogant Worms has written a collection of Very Grimm Fairy Tales (three of the stories can be read on the website, should you wish to preview).

***snickering at the instructions for buying a copy***: "To order a book in Canada click the severed bunny head"

P.S. The Worms' site has been revamped ... it's now possible to give all their tunes a listen in the "Music" section.