February 8th, 2010

The Librarian

Winter Ents on the march ...

Yeah, I know we've got absolutely nothing, snowwise, compared the the pasting my eastern buddies are suffering, but this is spectacular in its own way. Normally ice fog (which forms here when we have high humidity and temps of roughly -5C to -10C) gets burned off by the sun by mid-morning ... it's only for a brief time in the early hours that the trees are coated in three-dimensional frost (this isn't snow sticking to every twig and needle, but a 3-D version of those pretty fern designs that form on windows). But yesterday the sun only showed its face high above the cloud cover and ditto for today ... so everything still has a gorgeous double layer of gleaming frosting tonight. Most interesting this morning were the electrical transformers along my path from home to bus stop ... on ice fog mornings they buzz and crackle as they fight off the determined icy water molecules, but today, for the first time that I've seen, they were covered in flashing blue sparks to accompany their sound effects. Like walking a gauntlet of giant overhead bug zappers, it was.

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