January 31st, 2010

The Librarian

Ooooo! Pretty!

Long spiral socks

Delving into a designer's website is a dangerous thing ... like these too: Emsket socks

Starting to eye patterns using the stranded (2-colour) technique, as I want to master mittens (and then gloves) and the stranding makes a double layer that provides extra warmth. Plus I've seen some gorgeous stained glass effects that people have created by doing these patterns in a dark solid yarn and and a rich jewel-toned varigated yarn.

Yesterday's yarn plus sock update

Today is bright grey (and snowing) instead of the darker greyish pink of last night ... so at least the colours aren't skewed.

First up ... the new-to-the-stash Pur and Zauberball wools ... the Pur is especially interesting to the touch, as being so thick and slightly felted gives it an almost foamlike squishiness (but with the lovely, soft touch of very fine quality wool)

Plus the socks ... got the heels mostly turned on my pink/purple stripes on Friday night, finishing up the second heel at the hairdresser's yesterday (and I consider it a significant improvement in my sock skills that I COULD complete the turning in such a distracting environment ... up until now, heels have been a strictly-at-home-in-peace-and-quiet portion of a project). And here are Mom's as well, all done and merely awaiting grafting (I prefer daylight rather than artificial light for grafting, especially with dark yarn, and the plan of snatching the brief bit after a workday sometime during the week just didn't pan out ... so, hopefully, I'll get to them today)

The Librarian

Sock yarns in waiting ...

Once I get heels turned and am on the fast track towards toes, gotta start thinking about which stashed sock yarn gets to hit the needles next. For my next pair, I want 2x2 ribbing instead of the 1x1 I've been using so far (according to the experts, 2x2 is the very best for socks that stay up). Plus I want to browse through my stitch guides for column-style patterns ... with my last socks I realized that I really liked just patterning just a "clock" into each side of the sock rather than doing an all-over design ... lets me have the speed of plain knitting yet still have something special decorating the sock (it's not that I dislike fancier stitching or colourwork, but I suspect I'll have more patience for it when I have a larger sock supply)

But that still leaves deciding who's next. In the back, four colourways of Colinette Jitterbug and one of Zitron Maxima, yarns which I haven't worked with yet. In the middle, new skeins of Regia and Crazy Zauberball. And in the very front, half-skeins of Crazy Zauberball left over from previous socks (enough to make a second pair in each colourway)

Decisions, decisions ...!