January 30th, 2010

The Librarian

I think it's just ol' evil ...

... having a yarn store sitting smackdab at the halfway mark between my hairdresser and the train station. I'm normally reasonably good at the ol' willpower thing (when necessary), but it's hard to resist going to pet the fuzzies on a chilly day after a getting-my-hair-glowing-red-again session ... and, of course, once you pet 'em, they wanna come home with you.

No photos right now as, by the time I got home, the sky was an overcast greyish-pink and the daylight was a correspondingly odd tint which would dull down the colours in any photo. If the sun is out tomorrow I'll post piccies, but in the meantime, let's see what we can do with links from the distributor (the actual spinnery's site is always missing half their products):

  • 2 balls of Schoppel Wolle's Zauberball sock yarn in the black/white/grey colourway (this is the "tamer" version of the Crazy Zauberball that my last multi-coloured socks and the autumn-coloured socks were knitted from) ... it's a little thinner than the Crazy edition, so may have to get even tinier needles (1.75mm or 1.5mm) to make good sock fabric with it)

  • 2 hanks of Schoppel Wolle's Pur in a mix of burgundy, browns, and dark cream ... lovely squishy soft stuff that will be knitted up into another Instant Gratification Scarf.

    And, since I was yielding to temptation anyway, I also finally went into The Main Dish (halfway between the yarn shop and the station) to check out their offerings (love the catchphrase on their sign: "Take me home and make me hot!"). This place offers a mix and match selection of take-home-and-heat prepared foods, plus salads, sandwiches, etc. ... just choose your container size and go; there's also the option of requesting oven-safe containers which can be returned to the store for reuse (plus there's a café section for those who want to eat their yummies onsite). I've brought home roasted beets, cheddar/garlic potatoes, and Italian stuffed chicken (forgot to ask what it's stuffed with, though I suspect it's not Italians) to try for dinner tonight.

    Speaking of which ... I'm hungry!
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    Stuffed chicken was filled with roasted red pepper, some cheese, tissue-thin scraps of prosciutto, and an unidentified green leafy of some kind (not spinach or kale). And roasted beets had had a tangy splash of orange juice before they went into the oven. :d