December 31st, 2009

The Librarian


Glad I did my big shopping stroll on Tuesday, when the mercury was dancing around 0C and things were melty/slushy. Thought there was a nasty taste of frigid in the air yesterday (Wednesday) when I went down the block to the drugstore for milk and veggies and orange juice (and realized when I got back home that I'd forgotten to buy my January transit pass). When I checked the balcony thermometer after getting home, it read -13C and, according to Environment Canada, today's high is to be a balmy -21C (tomorrow we're to bounce back up to -4C)

Methinks it a good day to drink hot chocolate and finish reading the second volume of Michael Palin's diaries (which, like the first volume, are a marvelous and fascinating read). And, of course, get a bit of knitting done. ;p