December 30th, 2009

The Librarian

Now you see it ...

I've posted links to a couple of pieces of illusion knitting (aka shadow knitting) in the past (plus I am sloooowly working on my own illusion jacket) ... knitting where the viewing angle determines whether or not you see a picture or just a finely striped background. Still pictures really don't do it justice (and usually still don't get the concept across to non-knitters), but now there's a couple of video demos available from an illusion designer ... take a peek!

Hrrrmmmm ... now that we're seeing some daylight, looks like every little twig on the tree outside is covered in white ... is it MORE snow or just frost? I don't know if I WANT to know ...

'cause I can't have empty needles lying about ... ;p

Have two new pairs of socks on the go ... yet another gaudy pair for myself in a self-striping yarn, and a pair of gansey socks for Mom (have enough yarn for two more pairs, thanks to panic buying more skeins when I had the feeling I was going to run short on the first pair ... I didn't run short) ... described yarn and pattern to Mom on the phone a couple of days ago and asked if she'd like the next pair ... naturally the response was "Yes!", so cast 'em on that afternoon (we have the same size/shape of foot, so no worries about this one-size pattern fitting her). There are nine diamonds down the front of each sock, five on the leg and four on the foot, so I like to keep track of my progress by how many I've completed. And I like the unusual construction of the gansey sock ... no ribbing at the top and a heel made by stitches flaring out in a triangle from the mock seam down the back. :-)

Gaudy self-striping "fraternal twin" socks for me.

Front of gansey socks for Mom ... top band and first diamond completed and starting on second diamond.

Back of gansey socks ... checkerboard stitch pattern and false seam.

Back of gansey socks ... slightly better view of split garter bands at the top.

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