December 26th, 2009


Boxing Day Sale loot ...

... from the only sale civilized enough to go to today. The yarn shop is in a back street well away from any malls and, while the place is crowded (it's the only storewide sale that happens all the year) all the co-shoppers are polite, takes turns getting at the hard-to-get-at corner bins, share baskets, and chat happily in the long and meandering checkout line, admiring each other's yarn choices and discussing what they'll be made into (while the sales staff, whever they have a moment, go up and down the line with candy baskets ... "sugar and caffeine ... gotta keep your strength up!")

My one real splurge was on three hanks of Colinette One Zero ... a colourful thick/thin that I've been admiring the last few times I've been in the store. This will become a shorter version of the green scarf I finished yesterday. Two of my favourite brands of sock yarn (Crazy Zauberball in teal/wine/buff and Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett in blue/green), plus some plain black Regia 6-ply to start me towards my resolve to learn stranded mitten-making sometime this year (plain ol' black yarn seems so NOT me, I know, but I intend to pair it with a bright solid or variegated yarn) ... now must have to choose among the many gorgeous designs out there ... mebbe this cat and fishbone design? Though my inner evil brat yells for spiders (it's the little hidden spider on the inside of the thumb that makes me love these).

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