December 5th, 2009

The Librarian

I'd say it's officially winter ...

Right now it's -8C with a windchill of -19C, dropping to -14C with -25C windchill this afternoon, and a high of -19C tomorrow (windchill -31C). Long term forecast for next week isn't much better.

Definitely a good weekend to stay snuggled indoors and accomplish as much knitting as possible (as well as some laundry so that all my cozy new socks and my warmest fleecy tops will be out of the hamper and available for wearing)
The Librarian

Yesterday's snow is today's wind sculpture!

Ended up going out briefly after all, as I was out of apples ... an essential workday lunch ingredient ... and figured from the forecast that today was better than tomorrow for the errand. And then had to nip back outside with the camera after my return so that I could share this ... it's not a ton of snow, but bear in mind that we didn't have any yesterday morning and that today knife-edged drifts like that in photo #3 are trying to form across busy streets as well as on the boulevards (for scale, our fence is at least five feet high).