November 29th, 2009

The Librarian

Note to self ...

... pay attention to the clock BEFORE mixing up a third big mug of Ghirardelli mocha hot chocolate (for those not in the know, this stuff contains a hefty portion o' real coffee, not coffee flavouring). On the plus side, my hypered-up little brain whizzed through a pile of Punjabi and German cataloguing ... all that's left is one page of Spanish fiction. (don't worry ... I'm getting MAJOR appreciation from ze boss for this little piece of above and beyond ... it does not go unrewarded). Also did another chunk of my personal project of using my home cataloguing software to index the patterns in my collection of knitting magazines by keywords that matter to me (like "seamless").

I think the caffeine buzz is finally wearing off, so bedwards ho!
The Librarian

All done!

Now I have four pairs of anti-winter-drab handknit socks! These are, technically, my first socks, as sock one was completed and sock two was two thirds of the way done when I was seduced by even more colourful yarn and the technique for knitting two socks at once. Bit of a drag to go back to double-pointed bamboo needles after racing round the interim pairs with slick Addi Turbo circular needles, but now they're off the to-do pile and in my dresser drawer!

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