October 24th, 2009

The Librarian


I thought that the rain coming down this morning was starting to look suspiciously blobby ... it's just now suddenly turned into snowing!
The Librarian

A long while ago ...

... at a 2008 Boxing Day Sale, to be exact, I bought this:Collapse )

It's been sitting happily in my stash, looking beautiful and being extremely pettable, with no particular purpose in its existence. Until now. Obviously I have an inner masochist that has remained hidden up until now, because I came across the pattern that is obviously what this yarn needs to be. I've never had any previous urge to make a shawl because the traditional triangular design has always seemed to me to be ill-adapted for draping over a 3-dimensional body, plus most current patterns, while beautifully lacy, have a zillion little fancy pointy bits along their edges that need to be pinned out perfectly during blocking ... not terribly appealing either. But In The Pink, with its designed-to-fit-around-the-shoulders-and-stays-where-it's-put shape, along with its unusual construction ... this, this has grabbed me by the brain and insisted that it IS the one! (yeah, there's still pointy bits, but they're small, restrained pointy bits rather than elaborate monsters ... I can live with that). Plus, while the designer is only showing it in solid and close-to-solid (the pink) colourways, in which it looks quite lovely, something magical happens when varigated yarn is used. Like Collapse )

When I'll get 'round to this ... who knows? But at least the yarn has a "this" for me to get 'round to now. ;-)

From the Cataloguer's Desktop

Another new booklist has been posted over at catdesk! I know it's only a week since the last one ***shock! gasp!***, but I had another Halloween book in my notes and listing it sometime in November seemed kinda pointless. ;p

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