September 11th, 2009

The Librarian

Canada Post comes on little cat feet ...

Just opened my door to go downstairs to check the mail and had a box that was leaning on it fall in on my foot (am home because I took this week as goofing-off vacation ... now you know how I managed to actually finish another pair of socks). I'll forgive 'em though, 'cause it contained Viking Patterns for Knitting and Sam Kieth's My Inner Bimbo (which my local comics shop is always out of)

Well, that certainly rearranges my morning/early afternoon ... though I do still need to get over to the grocery store sometime today and replenish my salad supplies ...
The Librarian

Junior courtyard theatre

Such an entertaining afternoon show. Teen magpies** have been broadening their experience horizons by chasing squirrels around the lawn. One got so carried away with their success that it tried to terrorize the jackrabbit youngling ... and learned very fast that jackrabbits are MUCH bigger than squirrels ... learned so fast, in fact that it forgot it could fly and was doing a roadrunner across the grass (jackrabbit only took about two steps after it and then went back to grazing, so magpie was actually fleeing from thin air for about twenty feet)

**Magpie youngsters that have left the nest travel around in learning groups, usually supervised by an unmated/widowed experienced adult who demonstrates some important life skills stuff and sounds alarm calls when they're about to tangle with something he/she knows is dangerous. These groups are always fun to watch, especially when they're daring each other to approach something new. :-)