August 17th, 2009

The Librarian

This one's for barong

The local mutant rodent breeding program must be doing well, as we've now had a true ratcat scampering about the courtyard for about a week. And by that I mean a black squirrel that looks like all the other black squirrels except for its tail ... instead of the usual fluffy appendage, this one has a long, twitchy, short-haired thing that looks exactly like those found attached to the hind end of the average feline.

If it ever ventures within decent camera range, photographic proof will be posted!
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The Librarian

Even more good reading ...

Scored a copy of Sarah Waters' new novel, The Little Stranger, at work today. At an even more bargain price than usual. Couldn't find a copy in the showroom, even though it's supposed to be a stock book (not unusual with new releases, as customer orders get filled first), but was spotted by the person who handles our misships, damaged copies, etc., and prices 'em for our bargain shelf ... when I told her what I was looking for, lo and behold she said she had a copy on her desk ... got processed for the wrong library, and since it had been I.D. stamped we couldn't just shuffle it over to the right customer. So I got this treasure for $7.50! (and I know from experience that a few light passes with fine-grade sandpaper along the page edges will eliminate the stamp if I want to take the trouble ... that ink doesn't penetrate the paper)

So this goes onto the stack along with last week's The Women of Nell Gwynne's (Kage Baker) and Space Viking (H. Beam Piper)

Now all I've got to do is find the time to read all this cool stuff!

Edited to add: Other lucky finds over the past few days ... bought a copy of Butterick pattern #B4928 which is exactly the coat pattern I've been looking for for several years ... knew the right retro would pop up eventually. The fullness and minimal seams are perfect for showing off the self-embroidered vines and flowers on a length of sage-green wool I've had stashed away (hmmmm ... do I have 3 or 4 metres of that? I can live without pockets if I have to). And some lengthening will make it just right for an also-stashed 4-metres of turquoise linen patterned with large scallops of rainbow-coloured embroidery and sequins. Of course now I need lining fabric ... ;p

And then the nice folk at Elann got their hands on some Noro Silk Mountain ... for those not in the knitting know, Noro is a Japanese spinner which turns out yarns in unusual fibre mixtures and very saturated gorgeous colours (and usually hefty price tags), while British-Columbia-based Elann, along with marketing their own house brand of lovely yarns, acts as a liquidator for discontinued products (which usually sell out very rapidly because they tend to be high-end stuff). And Silk Mountain has just been discontinued. The liquidation price was too crazy low to pass up (close to 1/4 the usual retail up here), so I indulged and today's mail brought me enough of the lovely stuff to make a jacket/cardigan. Interesting texture ... soft but also "crisp" ... probably due to the 25% silk content (the rest is 65% wool, 10% kid mohair). Deep cedar green with flashes of deep gold, teal, turquoise, royal blue, purple, and fuschia throughout (photos are only a pale shadow of the real thing, and I do mean pale) ... with that colour I keep expecting it to smell of cedar too (nope, just smells of clean)
The Librarian


Wonder if the third volume of "Blacksad" will ever make it to English translation? (it's been a little matter of the publisher of the first two translations going belly-up and no progress on finding a new company to issue the third)

Several preview pages of the French edition here (a couple of clicks gets 'em big enough to read)