July 30th, 2009

The Librarian

'cause it's too good not to share ...

As I'm loving listening to Slim Gaillard's music (hey, there's 102 tracks on this CD set ... gonna take a LONG while to hear it all properly), I did some more scouting around and found this performance footage ... the white beret means it's from the last decade of Gaillard's life when he lived in London, England and was a popular performer there (so much so that the BBC made a 4-part documentary series about him in 1989, 2 years before his death)

Now THIS is the piano playing I wanted to see! What amazing hands, no matter which way up he uses them!

And while I'm sharing musical fun, here's one of Cab Calloway's tamer performances (but the hair still goes flying ***GRIN***). My love of Calloway dates back to seeing a Betty Boop cartoon on TV when I was a kid and absolutely adoring the song that was part of the soundtrack ... I'd never heard anything like it before. Many many many years later I finally learned the name of the performer and the tune ("St. James Infirmary") and I now own several hours' worth of Calloway recordings.