July 25th, 2009

The Librarian

Wasn't planning ...

... to do major housecleaning during our current little heat'n'humidity wave, but Friday brought a notice that the building's heating system is being flushed out and inspected on Monday ... which means every apartment gone into and the radiators all accessible. Which means clearing and putting away the debris that sorta accumulates when it's too darn hot to do anything beyond minimal survival, so that I have space to haul the couch, armchair coffee table and plants out of their usual positions tomorrow night so that whoever's doing this can get where they need to (bedrooms, fortunately, are clear access as they are). Part of this quick clearance led to me finally doing something about my yarn stash, which hasn't had a home (no space in the fabric cabinet) ... I'd bought a couple of big baskets earlier in the week (before getting the notice), and now, with all the other crap cleared away, I'm practically bordering on organized! (scary notion, that) And y'know, now that it's all in one place instead of in various bags and boxes heaped and scattered all over (mostly on top of the table, preventing me from using it for sewing), Collapse )
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