July 15th, 2009

The Librarian

Now that was GOOD!

Read the newly released Empowered, vol. 5 a couple of nights ago. Wow! at the time and that impression is still with me. Emp has certainly come a long way from her beginnings as a superheroine-in-bondage pin-up ... in volume five she's discovered a couple of new-to-her tricks that her supersuit can perform (what it is and how she acquired it remains a mystery to readers) and, while still angsty and insecure, has gained a little confidence in her potential abilities, and ends up pushing herself beyond what she ever thought she was capable of when disaster strikes. And with her increasing abilities come longer stories, with the final epic-length tale being a real doozy! (and that's the most I can say without spoilerizing the whole thing, folks)

Gotta say that IMO Emp is right up there with Modesty Blaise when it comes to interesting and 5-dimensional female characters (not to mention that as well as penning great tales, Adam Warren is one of the rare comic book artists that's actually seen and can draw a human female body instead of using his Barbie collection as models). And I'm looking VERY forward to volume 6. :-)

P.S. I think I need an Empowered icon. ;p