July 4th, 2009

The Librarian

A very good day ... (and there's still lots of it left)

Met a friend for a restaurant late breakfast, then we rambled around and about various shops in search of "on-the-to-get-list-but-not-urgent" stuff. Which resulted in me getting a pair of much-needed and perfectly fitting jeans (which were also LONG enough ... it's a sad statement about the clothing stores here when someone who is 5'6" has trouble with pants length, especially in summer when all most places stock are capris and cropped, which I utterly LOATHE) and two tank tops that were marked 2 for $20.00 on the shelf but turned out to be $7.99 apiece at the register. And friend who wasn't even looking for jeans tried on a pair that were a lousy fit on me but turned out perfect fit on her ... and were marked 5 bucks on a bargain rack to boot (I'm actually happier getting non-sale ones because I want more and although the ones I got were the only ones that size and length in stock, being current stock means I should be able to order another pair online)

Yeah, I know ... I NEVER post about clothes shopping ('cause I avoid it until what I own is falling apart, which is a stage some items are reaching this season ***GRIN***). But today proved that doing it with somebody who worked clothing retail for years and years works much better than me going solo ... they know WHERE to find stuff (I honestly had no idea that Mark's Work Warehouse has a "Curvy Fit" line). :-)

Also got 2 more pairs of the perfect-fit track pants that I purchased last month (which also turned out to be on sale) ... so now I'm set for the bottom half of my schlep-around-home wardrobe for the next couple of years (or longer ... these are much better quality than my previous-and-now-well-past-mending pairs)

Now all I need are some sandals that are what I want instead of what the fashion industry thinks I should want ... ;p

P.S. Bonus floorshow when we stopped in mall food court for refreshment ... nicely uncrowded because Calgary Stampede started yesterday and so all the folk who normally live in the malls for entertainment were at the Grounds instead. At the table next to us was a small child's birthday party with homemade cake, a handful of balloons and birthday confetti as decorations, non-extravagant little-girl presents (craft supplies, sparkly lip gloss, little non-media toys, and genuine excitement and thank yous over each gift), and all the participants dressed like and having fun like REAL kids (no screaming, tearing around, tantrums, personal electronics, high-fashion wardrobe or anything of the kind ... just 100% pure pleasure in the treat). Now THAT was even more refreshing than cold lemonade. (they were doing this in the mall because they'd started out in the design-your-own-teddy-bear place, which has non-bank-breaking rates for groups). Heck, we lingered in our own seats long after we were finished just because it was a joy to watch. Oh, and the parents cleaned up everything before leaving ... only the odd cake crumb and a couple of missed confettis were left for the mall staff to deal with. My faith in the next generation of my species went up several percentage points today. :-)
The Librarian


Thought the Snowbirds must be in town for Stampede ... at least that's what the overhead roar I heard and the glimpse I caught out the window looked like. But Calgary isn't on their online July schedule at all ... hrm ... must be somebody else's military show team or else planes being moved up to one of the northern airbases for some reason ... (is Greaseball even still open? I'm pretty sure Cold Lake still is)

Edited to add: Must be a transport move ... Stampede lists the Armed Forces as having a display, but no air demos and no planes on the equipment list. So much for that little mystery ... now back to the bookcase emptying, cleaning, moving, and refilling that I was using this as an excuse to pause from ... ;p