June 6th, 2009

The Librarian

And what's the weather like at YOUR house?

Photo taken about ten minutes before posting ... there is rain coming down along with the very soggy sky dandruff

However I shall not let this little set-back in our attempts at summer keep me down. A fresh pot of blueberry tea is steeping, CKUA is merrily burbling obscure classical music on the stereo, and I'm going to take another stab at solving Normal Bob Smith's Nun: Treasure Hunt Dressup Game (most definitly NSFW nor for anyone who can't deal with the existence of kink, but one helluva fun time-waster). For anyone else who wants to join in, you have the option of just opening the closet and play online paper dolls or you can play the puzzle side. So far I've managed to unearth treasure keys 1, 2, 4, and 5 (which go into the boxes at upper left), but #3 continues to elude me. As for the wardrobe-enhancing treasures themselves, I've acquired the big gun adapted to be an artificial leg, the black strap-on, the blond-mohawked and very affectionate animated girlfriend, and the magic mad scientist device that turns the "nun" from female to excitable she-male)

If anybody else wants to try this, I'll be happy to pool information ... I'm curious to see what key #3 leads to. (tip #1: you might have to adjust your screen magnification to see the entire playing field at once ... I've had to drop down to 50% to do this thing properly)
The Librarian

After the rain ...

There are FOUR jackrabbits outside right now. No confrontations or other dominance stuff going on between 'em either ... because the one nearest me has more heft than the other three and is totally focused on grazing, while the others give an impression of skinny gangly teenagerness and are doing just as much playful skittering about as eating, I suspect what I'm seeing is a female and her current half-grown litter (unlike "regular" rabbits, jackrabbits are born furred, open-eyed and ready to run, so even one-month-olds would be far more advanced in growth than their distant cousins)

If you take the thumbnails through three or four levels of clicking, you should get a decent view (someday I'll escalate to a camera with greater than 3x zoom)

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