April 26th, 2009

The Librarian

Even having a shopping list to stick to doesn't help ... ;p

Took some time to check over my yarn stash and planned projects for said stash versus my knitting needle supply and noted needed sizes. Check.
Took resulting reasonably short shopping list of needles to LYS (local yarn shop), browsed the racks, and managed to locate everything on the list (racks are safely near door so it IS possible to get to them with minimal yarn endangerment). Check.
Then decided that it wouldn't hurt to wander 'round the store to see what was new. Collapse )

Was also fascinated by, but didn't buy, big-as-my-head skeins of a richly coloured yarn called Marble Chunky, which, according to some image Googling I've just done, lives up to its name by knitting up to look like its namesake stone. 100% acrylic though, so I have to be cautious ... no point in spending money and time for a garment I can't stand to wear for more than twenty minutes. Kept my hands on the skeins for a while as an initial touch test and didn't get that clammy feel, so might be okay as outwear (cardigan/vest/jacket) ... shall have to check a few reviews and find out.
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