April 15th, 2009

The Librarian

Loot du jour

Today I mounted an expedition to Fabric Depot, a fabric warehouse way up in the city's northeast that I'd not been to before (well, tried last year only to discover they'd treated themselves to an unannounced-on-the-webpage early Saturday closing). WOW!!! The place is a two-story labyrinth, with fabric rolls (no dinky little bolts or narrow widths here) racked and/or stacked from floor to ceiling, and sometimes two racks deep ... it's vitally important to peek behind everything. All kinds of magical passageways and little side rooms filled with buttons or zippers or trims. Pre-cut and embroidered/jeweled gauzy or silky bodices hanging in stairwells and doorways. And every time you think you've been down every "aisle", you turn a corner and discover there's more. Sort of a cross between a wholesaler's warehouse, a liquidator, and the houses of those obsessive-compulsive collectors who fill entire rooms with old newspapers. Despite the crowding, though, the place showed no signs of dirtiness or neglect, and smelled fresh rather than musty ... very good signs.

Today was really just a scouting trip for me ... to get an idea of what they have up there for future reference. Well, the sale notice on their website kinda inspired me too. ***GRIN*** And I certainly didn't walk away empty-handed ... 2 metres of black linen and 3 metres of vivid-turquoise-with-fuschia-highlights tussah silk came home with me ...
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