March 25th, 2009

The Librarian

Since I was being evil anyway ***GRIN*** ...

... here's another for sealwhiskers: the Hinterland Who's Who fact sheet on raccoons (includes a video clip and a sound clip). Hinterland Who's Who is a series of quick nature education commercials that have been created and broadcast by the Canadian Wildlife Service since the sixties (it's a pretty rare Canuck who doesn't recognize that trademark flute theme) ... you can find accurate (and updated) information on and piccies of most Canada-dwelling mammals and birds here (quite a few of the species live in your state too, so you may find this a useful reference for your critter-watching)
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The Librarian

Knitting progress

The Arctic Scarf Mark III, which only gets worked on during coffee breaks at work, has been growing and growing ... it's currently about 2 metres in length. The goal, like the Mark I and Mark II, is that the ends clear the floor by about one centimetre when I'm wearing my boots and it's draped around the back of my neck and allowed to hang loose down the front, so that I won't trip over it ... that length is also sufficient to wrap over my head like a hood, with a second wrap across my lower face, leaving ends long and heavy enough to hold the whole thing in place (you can tell I've got this design down to a science, cantcha? ***GRIN***)
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And a dark horse project ... this is my Sonnet, which has been "resting" for a long while. I had completed the entire body and was halfway up both sleeves (knitting both at once), but had put it on hold because I was unhappy about mysterious stitch count changes within it (one of the hazards of doing anything beyond what amounts to a simple rectangle at work, I suppose). A couple of weeks ago, I frogged it (popular knitting term for unraveling: "Rip it! Rip it! Rip it!") while watching a movie and then started it over a few days later. It's a ridiculously fast knit and a very simple pattern (which is what made the number of miscounts in the previous incarnation even more bizarre), so am already finished one front and the back and about to start on second front (body is knit sideways in one piece ... in photo the front is at the bottom, the half-scoop at lower right is the front neck and second scoop is an armhole. Yarn is a extreme thick-and-thin with a metallic thread wrapped 'round it:
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Other projects are not forgotten ... daylight hours of last couple of weekends have been taken up with other activities/errands, but next block of free time belongs to the rainbow jacket. And the red cabled/hooded scarf is progressing as well ... first half is done, second pocket is completed and am well up second half of main scarf. :-)