February 19th, 2009

The Librarian

So far, so good ...

Finishing one project entitles me to start another one (my house, my rules! ***GRIN***), so after finishing my Wavy Scarf, I cast on my Pfeiffer Falls Hooded Scarf, for which I'd already acquired a good supply of squishy-soft superwash wool in a rich ruby shade. Have completed the first pocket, after having to redo the buttonhole four times (amazing what a difference reading the directions CAREFULLY the fourth time can make) and am now working on the main portion of the scarf, which also forms the back of the pocket. This will be knitted up to the centre, then put on a holder while the second half of the scarf is also started at the pocket end and worked upwards, with the two pieces being grafted together at the midpoint. It's done this way, rather than end to end in one piece, so that the braided cable will be the same way up on both halves. After that ... the hood section.

I've not forgotten nor am I neglecting the Rainbow Jacket ... I'm just finding that I do better on that (translation: fewer screwups that I have to tink back and fix) if I have large blocks of time with daylight rather than artificial light, so it's going to be a weekend project ... this scarf, since it's constructed with much larger needles and thicker yarn, and has fewer than 50 stitches per row, works better with the shorter available time and artificial light of workday evenings. So you'll be seeing bits of both for the next little while. :-)

The front of the first pocket, ruffled at the bottom, and buttonhole at the top. Knitting on back of pocket/main body of scarf is now progressing up behind this piece.

Back of front of pocket, showing backside of beginning of back of pocket/main scarf. Both knitted from same base row, so only sides of pocket need to be sewn together ... cables always look so bizarre from the back! (and, now that I've "felt" how it's constructed, the utterly lazy, seaming-hating part of my mind has already explored possibilities for knitting this section in the round if I ever make a second of these scarves ... despite these mental calculations, for this project I'll be knitting and seaming the second pocket according to the pattern, so that both sides of the scarf will look the same)