January 30th, 2009

The Librarian

Well, that mystery is solved ...

There was a parcel pickup notice in my mail today, prompting a puzzled "huh?" reaction from my brain because I had no outstanding "in shipment" emails that I could think of. So eventually off down the street to the local drugstore's postal outlet to find out what it was.

Silly me ... because it's been a longsome while since I've ordered from them, I'd forgotten that Elann.com doesn't bother with notifications since they ship practically overnight and only use methods that require a recipient's signature so there's virtually no worry of one's goodies going astray. And what goodies! Skeins of chunky superwash wool in a rich ruby red, sufficient to make this previously-posted-about hooded scarf ... so soft and cuddly and squishy! Will post a photo tomorrow when I can shoot it in daylight, 'cause the flash will seriously wash out the colour if I do it tonight.

Yes, I'm still going to be good and systematically finish what I've started (or at least do my darnedest), so this lovely stuff goes into the stash cabinet for a while. Just had a feeling that I really should make a start on using up some of my Elann.com credits (accumulated by having subscribed to their monthly yarn sample service for a couple of years) before somebody decided they had expiry dates or some such nonsense (and I still have 14 credit vouchers on file, so I really should start checking the new product emails the day I get them instead of waiting a week and then discovering that all the limited-quantity really good stuff and colours are all out of stock already)

And if I ever feel that my stash is getting out of hand, I'll arrange a get-together with anotheranon and one of her sharp'n'shiny toys and we can have a bash at some goblin knitting! ;p

EDITED to add photo: