January 19th, 2009

The Librarian

Hurray hurray!!!

The newest Arrogant Worms CD was in my mail when I got home tonight! It's a live album, which means lots of the guys' stage bantering will be included, and there's some very promising titles on the tracklist: "Big Box Store", "Cellphone Vigilante", "She Talks During Movies". Must get it popped into the player NOW!

And in another package, three balls of Opulence, which means that one of these days I can get back to knitting my Scrawl ... that had to be put on hold when I realized that losing yarn due to having to frog my first attempt at the cuff and redo it (the length that had been knitted frayed to death when undone and couldn't be reused) left me with not enough to finish the project. Local yarn shop, of course, no longer had any of this ribbon yarn left, and the maker doesn't sell direct. But I finally, recently, found a Canadian dealer who had the right colourway in stock ... really only needed one more ball, but decided to play ultra-safe in case I had to undo any more of the thing, and ordered three. Miraculous bonus: they're all the same dyelot as my original six skeins!!! (with some synthetics there only is one dyelot, but that's usually mentioned by the maker and I've not seen any notice of this for this particular yarn). More ordinary but still nice bonus: the dealer included 7 free pattern sheets with my order ... a couple are for the Opulence and the others are for other yarns by the same maker. This place is definitely on my good-supplier list. :-)

I shall remain disciplined though ... finish Rainbow Jacket, with Arctic Scarf Mark III as easy and brainless coffeebreak project at work, then choose which other unfinished item to tackle and complete next.