December 21st, 2008

The Librarian

One of the signs of the season ...

Not the snow or the cold or the insane people who think Christmas shopping is worth dying for (the number of co-workers planning to head to malls on the day we were sent home early due to dangerous snowstorm warning was frightening), but the much more warming (and I do mean warming) tradition of my hairdressers serving massive cups of coffee that, this year, appeared to be about 1/3 Irish cream. Plus, after my long LONG overdue coloring and cut (thanks to long-term weekend overtime and other chaos, I hadn't been in since early September!), I even ended up being chauffeured home, as my place is on the way to the babysitter their son had to be picked up from. Ah, the little benefits of patronizing a small, family-owned/run salon rather than one of the take-a-number-assembly-line places. :-) (Not to mention that between their book orders delivered in October that were put on my "tab" rather than paid for, and more books delivered yesterday, I only owed a further $5.00 for the whole session)

Other bonus of yesterday, on top of once again being a RED redhead, was getting up to that section of the city early enough to be able to drop into a local yarnshop for a short while before my appointment ... there was purpose in this, as my Arctic Scarf Mark II, while serving well, has the mild flaw that its fuzzy synthetic fibres, while holding in body heat as well as they did in Lethbridge, tend to collect too much frost which then leads to damp skin under the scarf, which is not a good thing in these temps. My guess is it's due to the higher humidity here, since I never had this happen in desert Lethbridge. So I now have 12 skeins of washable wool, 6 black and 6 mahogany, to be eventually knitted into Arctic Scarf Mark III (the plan is to use one strand of each together, for a variegated look and to hide any dyelot variations if I have to go back for more yarn (always hard for me to tell how much will be needed to make this sucker, since the stitch size and drape produced by the double stranding really varies from yarn to yarn. This new stuff is slightly thinner than the previously-used yarns, so I'm already thinking I'll likely have to drop down a couple of needle sizes and cast on about 10 more stitches to get the proper width ... shall have to do some experimenting before settling down to making the real thing.