December 14th, 2008

The Librarian

Picture this

The frost on the balcony door this morning looks, to my eyes, like the shape of a person sitting on a floor, surrounded by heaps of open books. Wonder if the camera will see it that way ...?

(mind you, that half-melted frost at the top could be smoke and that could really be somebody huddled over a little campfire of burning books, with fresh fuel piled around them ... nope, today's temperature isn't influencing my brain at all, at all, nuh uh ...)

EDIT TO ADD PHOTO: Had to take the photo from back where I was sitting at the computer to have the right dark contrast behind the frost to make it show at all ... any other angle just had white snow behind, rendering the frost picture pretty much invisible to the camera ... click on the thumbnail to get gallery display and then click again on gallery to be able to magnify it up to see clearly (and no, it's NOT that dark in here ... that's just the camera's perception)