December 12th, 2008

The Librarian

Welcome to the winter wonderland ...

It was +3C when I set out for work this morning. By early afternoon, it was snowing, the weather reports started using the word "storm" and work was shut down and all of us sent home half an hour early. Still only -5C, but the forecast is for -22C/-30C tomorrow, -27C/-30C Sunday and -24C/-30C Monday (warming back up to a balmy -7C on Tuesday). Am all prepared ... made stockpiling expeditions last night, so I won't have to venture out of doors until Monday morning, at which time the ol' Arctic scarf, specially knitted for these occasions, gets its first outing of the year ... it's wide and long enough to cover my entire head as a warm hood, wrap around my neck (and across my face if needed) and all be held in place by the weight/length of the dangling ends without any tying. :-)

So now it's just two days of me, knitting, reading, and movie-watching (and maybe even finally getting 'round to the big pile of catdesk notes that have been sitting on my desk for the past couple of weeks (there's another heap still at work, but I forgot to grab 'em when I left)

Winter ain't all bad, provided one plans ahead ... thank goodness for the Environment Canada website, which tends to be reasonably accurate in its 5-day forecasts ... ;p
Holly ivy and misteltoe

Because it's the season ...

... and because I haven't shared it for at least a couple of years (but now can without having to take down my entire webpage to have the space to do so like I used to) and because there's people reading here now who weren't around for last time and because I adore it for being one of those Christmas recordings guaranteed to get one eternally damned by the humourless (best reason of all, as far as I'm concerned ***GRIN***) ...

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore perform: Gospel Truth