December 8th, 2008

The Librarian

All those little white flakes can really add up after a while

A couple of the neighbours were out yesterday afternoon catching up a missed childhood experience by taking advantage of the rare packing-type snow (because of the dry climate here, a kid may only get to roll and build a snowman 2-3 times between toddlerhood and adulthood ... ditto for snowball fights and snowforts, as our snow is usually dry, powdery stuff)

The Librarian

More shiny reading for the holidays!

Kage Baker's newest novel, The House of the Stag arrived today ... it's a fantasy novel set in the same universe as her novel The Anvil of the World (those who have read Baker's anthology Mother Aegypt and Other Stories may recall a tale in there about a drama queen demon going home to visit his parents ... well "Stag" is the life story of that demon's father, so promises a fair amount of humour amidst the drama ***GRIN***)

Also acquired in the past few days:
The Opinionated Knitter, by Elizabeth Zimmermann (Zimmermann spent her life turning traditional knitting inside-out and upside-down, popularizing seamless knitting in the round and inventing amazing new garments, like the Baby Surprise Jacket, which is knit in one bizarrely-shaped piece, then origami-folded and ends up only having seams shoulder to wrist along the upper arm ... one of the reasons I wanted this particular book, aside from reading Zimmermann's quirky and funny writing, is that the instructions for the adult version of the Surprise are in it)

Double Knitting, by M'Lou Baber. A technique I want to try sometime ... reversible garments with the pattern in positive/negative on each side (click on the title link to see several examples from the book)

P.S. Yarn Harlot's take on Surprise Jackets is too funny not to share ... even the non-knitters should get most of it. ;p