November 7th, 2008

The Librarian

Back on the air again :-)

For those who actually dip into my webpage once in a while: last weekend the webhosting service I use did some BIG maintenance and moving and the whole thing went kerboom!!! on Sunday afternoon. So if you've been trying to access during the week and getting the good ol' can'tconnect error screen, that's why. Happily, today we appear to be staying up for more than three minutes at a time, my FTP connection works again and I'm currently in the process of loading a hefty number of updates to the booklist in the Collections section (lots of new cover scans and content descriptions) ... that section should be all shiny-new-and-up-to-date in another hour or so.

And then I've got miles and miles of links in my Favourites to review, categorize and add ... hopefully I'll get to some of them over the weekend. Plus there's a big heap of new book notes for catdesk sitting in front of me ...

Y'know, about five clones of me just MIGHT get me caught up on everything ... ;p