August 28th, 2008

The Librarian

A new (to me) giggle

You gotta love a superheroine who surfs the web for slash fanfic written about herself and her teammates. That's just one of the many tidbits from the life and career of "Empowered" ... both the title of the book and the name of a young woman who's wanted to be a superhero all her life, but can't, for the life of her, think of a good name now that she is one. Sort of, anyway.

Definitely one of the best giggles I've read in a while ... just finished volume one and now want to buy volume two ASAP ... Empowered started out as a series of private commissions for a client who wanted superheroines in bondage, but quickly developed a personality and became a vocalizer of all the complaints we swear the other superheroines are privately thinking ... she hates the high-level exercising and weightwatching she has to do to look good in the skintight suit (not to mention the discomfort of not being able to wear any undergarments beneath it due to major-league pantylines), the snidiness and over-the-top scheming of her fellow superheroes (in her very first appearance, she's laughed at for sensibly suggesting that they simply cut off a villain's power supply to his stronghold rather than stage an elaborate frontal assault), and isn't terribly wild about the supersuit that gives her her powers because so much as a pinprick of damage renders it useless and her powerless (it'll reconstruct and repair itself over a period of hours, as long as at least a scrap is left, but in the meantime she's usually in tatters and tied up by the bad guys)

But, despite all this, Empowered perseveres ... it's the career she's always wanted since she was a little girl and she's determined to someday rise above mediocre associate superhero level to full-fledged status, so she can do some real good in the world. And it's great seeing her evolve and grow in confidence and stubborness with each story.

Looks like soft porn (in places, anyway), reads like something far more snarkily intelligent. I want more! If you want to check it out, publisher Dark Horse has some preview pages from each volume available on their site