August 9th, 2008

The Librarian

Updating and changes

The movie and music lists over at JLS' Collections have been updated ... couple of new titles added, but 'tis mainly because they're both in a newer, easier-to-read (with cover images) format that I discovered in the "export to html" portion of my software.

Above discovery made because yesterday afternoon, it being too stinking hot to do anything except cower in my nice, cool apartment, I started systematically running every "export to html" variation offered by my software, just to see how they looked and worked, with an eye towards my plan of moving my webpages to a webhosting site so that I could use the fancier bells and whistles on offer (a small list of potential hosts is now being checked out by myself and my buddy and former co-worker D). Even if I didn't want to use the "bells and whistles", the lists with thumbnails that I've now got up have got me to the point where I only have half a MB left in my "free"-with-the-service space, so I'm going to outgrow it soon anyway.

And bells and whistles are purty! I think being able to have my movie list show you the full cast (with links to their IMDB pages), or my music list give you the complete tracklists, times and composers, plus links to the musicians' homepages, is way cooler than what's on offer right now. Plus there'll be a bigger and fancier booklist with cover images and who knows what else (maybe full contents listings for anthologies? ... haven't been playing with those templates yet because that database is so large ... the movie and music ones are small enough to be good experiment fodder)

Feedback is welcome ... what info would you like to be able to see if you're checking out what I own? I can tell you right away that the fancier set-ups have much larger cover images. And that I've customized the code on the current music list to sort by artist and then by title** (have also customized both lists to display 100 items per page instead of the original 20) ... but would the default "by release date", which displays the albums in chronological order be preferable? Let me know and I'll see what I can find/tweak ... I'll be running more experiments today. :-) P.S. Remember, with more space I'll be able to put up multiple lists ... by author/artist, by title, by whatever ...

**A note on the music list order ... it IS currently set to sort by artist, then by title, then by release date, however the software does not recognize composers as "artists", so has stuck all recordings where the composer is known, but the performing musician(s) are not at the beginning, sorted alphabetically by title. You'll also notice the occasional recording that seems out-of-order later on in the list too ... even though the composer is listed first as being the important name for the recording, the recording's alphabetical position is based on the name of the orchestra, etc., that performed for the recording. I'm also still in the process of cleaning up the data that the software downloaded ... many of the contributors to the source data have crappy keyboarding/spelling skills and sloppy approaches toward entry of the names of composers, performers, etc. and it's gonna take a while to get their mess tidied up to what I consider a decent and consistent standard. :p