August 7th, 2008

The Librarian

Found by a co-worker today ...

... when she randomly flipped open a careers book: library technicians are in the top 50 list of professions least likely to be morally corrupted due to job stress. The Cataloguing Dept. was extremely amused ...
The Librarian

A new music company to fall in love with ...

Proper Records: I just bought 4-CD (95 songs!) Spike Jones & His City Slickers collection for $22.95 (via Much happy dancing here, as Spike Jones is yet another piece of my misspent childhood ... Grandpa would play his original 78s for us if we had been very very good (fortunately he had a pretty relaxed definition of "good" when it came to grandchildren ***GRIN***). The packaging is impressive ... instead of the standard easily-cracked plastic case, there is an exceptionally sturdy slipcover/box, with each CD housed in an individual heavy cardboard envelope and a 22-page booklet containing a pretty good bio, photos and full credits and recording info for each song. Also tucked into the box is a fat little catalogue of all the other boxed sets available in this series: mainly classic blues and jazz, artists both well-known and obscure, plus themed compilations (swing, ska, doo-wop) which promise some tasty rarities.

Definitely a place to do a little more browsing and wishlisting one of these days (oooooo!!! early Oscar Peterson! a Cajun compilation ranging from 1928-1954! Slim Gaillard! Edith Piaf! Dizzy Gillespie! ... okay, must put catalogue down now ...)

P.S. For those of you drawing a blank on Spike Jones ... oh you poor poor things! Wikipedia here and fansite with some music downloads here
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