August 1st, 2008

The Librarian

The luxury of a take-it-easy morning ...

Monday is a holiday here, plus I'm on summer hours at work which means I have Friday afternoons off ... as we're well-ahead on book-batches-catalogued-and-ready-for-processing, it only seemed logical to take this morning off as well and make a 4-day weekend of it.

Undecided whether I'll do anything or just luxuriate in laziness and nothing at all ... just gonna do what my mood of the moment dictates. :-)

EDIT: Just to add to my pleasure, Baba is subbing for the regular morning DJ ... I adore Baba 'cause he treats every piece of music he plays as a new source of wonder and joy (sadly his current regular gig is the graveyard slot, so I only get to hear him when he's doing vacation or sickday coverage ... happily he seems to volunteer to do most of that)
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The Librarian

A lovely, lazy day

'tis Sunny and pleasant-temperatured outside, but with the kind of wind gusts that pretty much guarantee you a face full of dirt and eyes full of grit if you venture out into it (moments of amusement throughout the day from observing, across the courtyard, a woman with a west-facing balcony persisint in trying to sit out there and smoke ... lighting up in the wind appears to be difficult enough in itself, even without adding in the full skirt that keeps trying to blow up into her face during the attempts ... ***GRIN***)

Anyhooo ... have read Kage Baker's Rude Mechanicals, which is a sidebar story to her main Company series. What a marvelous giggle ... Lewis and Joseph in a 1934 Hollywood adventure worthy of being a Keystone Kops film (for those who know and love the series, just try to imagine sweet'n'peaceful Lewis as the driver in a high-speed chase, with Facilitator Joseph riding on the car's running board clad in a Mr. Peanut costume ... dare ya to not laugh!)

And now I'm one story into Limekiller ... the first book ever to collect all six of the late, great Avram Davidson's Jack Limekiller stories together in a single cover. So far it's great and glorious and rambling fun!

All this accompanied, of course, by playing good tunes on the stereo ... :-)

P.S. Getting 'hold of "Limekiller" has made me aware of a publisher previously unknown to me: Old Earth Books, which specializes in lesser-known SF and fantasy classics. Check 'em out!
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