July 6th, 2008

The Librarian

Progress, page by page

The decimation of the to-read pile continues (as does the addition of new stuff to it, but that's part of the fun).

Finally got 'round to, and devoured, Avram Davidson's Adventures in unhistory, which I've had sitting around for a while ... what an absolute delight! (and lead to me digging out and re-reading my copies of his Peregrine: primus and Peregrine: secundus, just for the heck of it, while mourning that he never got 'round to writing the planned "Peregrine: Tertius") Anyway, away from rambling the way Mr. Davidson does ... I repeat, what a delight! Think of it as the modern companion to ... or a modern combination of ... Mackay's Extraordinary popular delusions & the madness of crowds and to Ley's Exotic zoology. Not that it's an update of these works, but it's in the same vein ... track down odds and ends of obscure references and info on a subject and weave them into something whole and entertaining.

Then a whisk from the fantastic and speculative into reality. Of a kind. I only meant to start out glancing through a couple of chapters of Norm Feuti's Pretending you care : the Retail employee handbook the other night after work, but I ended up staying up later than I should and reading the whole thing cover-to-cover. And giggling myself silly in the process. You don't have to have worked retail to relate to this gem ... if you've worked a job that involves dealing with "customers" in any way, shape, or form, or that involves any sort of internal hierarchy (in other words, any job at all) you'll get it. Mr. Feuti is the artist/writer of the Retail comic strip (which is used to illustrate this book) ... he also blogs as himself and as one of the characters from his comic strip.

And now, off to see what's next from the bookpile ...
The Librarian


Friday it was sweltering, right now it's chilly enough for hot chocolate. Man, I LOVE Calgary weather (I really do ... I hate sweltering and only survive it because I know there'll be a sudden change like this soon) :-)