June 30th, 2008

The Librarian

Nasty bad evil Environment Canada

This morning thunderstorms, or, indeed, any type of precipitation other than rays of sun, had been disappeared from the day's forecast, so the expedition set off sans umbrellas. As we headed home in the late afternoon, piles of dark clouds and flashes of lightning were very conspicuous in the west ... got home just as the sky starting spitting at everyone, and was very glad I did as there were precious books from the comics shop in my loot and they don't like taking baths.

Finally scored a copy of Eric Powell's Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker ... have been dying to read this for many months and finally the restock copies came in! (first shipments sold out as fast as the staff unpacked the boxes). I was, of course, into this one the second I got home ... oh, so very very good! Incredible artwork, especially a wordless five page sequence of full-page close-ups of Goon (the lead character) looking out at the reader as his mirror and slowly crumpling into tears and despair ... something one doesn't expect of the big guy and yet such a perfect and right thing in this tale.

Bonus reading ... a new issue of Rex Libris (#11 for those who are counting). The world is being menaced by the return of Cthulu and only a crack team of librarians can prevent global insanity and save humanity. Turns out it's really Cthulu 2, who only speaks Swedish. And nobody knows why ...

Ah, I do love me some weirdness ... :-)