June 29th, 2008

The Librarian

Oh goody!

It's supposed to be +30C today. And tomorrow, +30C with thunderstorms; of course, a friend and I are mounting a shopping expedition tomorrow, which means that now we have to plan for being able to hold umbrellas if necessary(translation: don't buy anything that requires two hands to carry)

I shall have to complain to the management ... after all, the whole point of living in a place where even the summer breezes have just passed over the snow on the tops of the Rockies, is that it's not supposed to get this hot ***grumblegrumblegrumble*** Ah well ... shall just have to keep reminding myself of what eastern humidity feels like and that at least we don't get THAT here ... then it won't seem nearly so bad. ;p
The Librarian

The important people who never make our headlines

Have only just found out the that Alan Dargin, an extremely gifted didgeridoo player, actor, and all 'round very funny guy, died earlier this year. Man, I could do with a lot less news about talentless heiresses and so-so actors/musicians, and with a lot more about the truly talented (even if it be sad news)

***now off to try to track down a source for that final recording, 'cause Amazon sure ain't carrying it***
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