June 23rd, 2008

The Librarian

Notes on the day so far ...

Going to the grocery store on a Monday afternoon was a good theory ... be in and out when it's quiet and the staff will have had the morning to get the shelves all freshly restocked after the weekend's depredations. Well, half-right anyway ... it was nice to be able to meander slowly and explore the dark corners of shelves rarely visited, seeing what all those odd items are without being bashed by the carts of impatient, after-work shoppers. That part was fun. Sadly the restocking theory didn't hold ... lots of areas of bare shelf or of remaining product at the back of the top shelf, out of reach of all shoppers under eight feet tall. Restocking carts parked everywhere and staff running around with restocking carts, but realized after seeing same staff and carts in various aisles that that's all they were doing ... running around. Looking busy, but not really doing anything. Maybe it really IS company policy that this must only be done during the afterwork rush, when the staff can have a proper in-store-traffic-jam-creation competition.

On the slightly more fun side, finally read Heather Mallick's Cake or Death : the Excruciating Choices of Everyday Life, which has been sitting in my to-read pile since forever. And sitting there on purpose ... I wanted to read it on a day when I could go from cover to cover and really enjoy it, and today was the day. It's a better book than her first, Pearls in Vinegar ... I think because "Cake" is a collection of new essays written especially for book publication, with time to hand-craft and polish to a fine glow ("Pearls" is collected newspaper pieces from her time of cranking out a weekly column ... still excellent, but sometimes a little rushed). "An Open Letter to My Writer's Block", written when the whole project came to a temporary screeching halt when near completion, is worth the cover price all by itself. And her attempt to list all the things in the world to be legitimately afraid of ... well, you may never come out from under your bed again (I think it's still safe there. Provided the bed isn't under your chimney ...)

I'm as glad that I waited to read this as I am that I've finally read it ... Mallick is meant to be savoured. :-)
The Librarian


I knew THAT subject line would get your attention. Slave Labor Graphics currently has Rex Libris issue #1 listed as a freebie ... you just pay shipping (it's a lightweight comic book, how much could that be?) So if you've been contemplating trying out the tale of the gun-toting, go-to-any-planet-to-forcibly-collect-an-overdue-book librarian, now's a good time. There are other free items on offer too ... just click on the "free stuff" link in the menu on the left.

The free promotions are generally for a limited time, so don't delay if there's something you really covet.

Note: not affiliated with SLG in any way, other than buying their stuff. :p

P.S. Forgive them the "picture not available" boxes in some areas ... the company just migrated to a new web server on the weekend and revamped the website at the same time, so they're still twiddling stuff.
The Librarian

Just so I can claim I've done something useful today ...

... although I really do think reading Mallick and getting groceries both qualify ***GRIN*** ... I've just had a thorough cleanout of the kitchen cupboards where food lives. Amazing what one finds when one gets past the front layers of frequently-used-and-replaced stuff (why was there half a bag of rice krispies in that back corner? I don't eat them as cereal and I don't make rice krispie squares and I don't remember buying the horrid things ... out they go!) Anything still in a Nutter's bag went straight to trash (there is, sadly, no Nutter's in Calgary, which means I bought it in Lethbridge ... EEK!!!), as did anything that I know I haven't cooked in ages (can't remember the last time I cooked bulgur and wheat products do go rancid ... bye-bye bottom inch left in jar! ditto for that half-inch of musty-smelling white sugar ... I haven't bought or used the stuff since before I moved here ... so long!)

Hate to be wasteful of food, but hate the idea of making myself sick by cooking something I blew the dust off of even more ... now the cupboard is down to stuff that is packaged in a way that means deterioration is measured in fairly lengthy spans of time (tins, soup & sauce packets, etc.) and/or things that I know have been purchased within living memory (I know I keep buying a new suppy of barley 'cause that's my indispensable side dish/salad food). Even unearthed a mini-shelf in the rear corner that I'd forgotten I owned, so now that's up front and being a useful organizer for current stuff. And now I have a supply of storage jars to fill up with new stuff (after washing and airing)

This keeps up, I may even vacuum!