June 21st, 2008

The Librarian

It's chatroom day

tommdroid opened the door at 5:50 a.m. MST ... she and barong and I are logged in there now. T. ran off somewhere temporarily (without opping anyone else! naughty darling 'droid!), B. is off on a food run, and I need to get dressed and acquire some breakfast, but if you go in and start talking to yourself, one of us is bound to start talking back eventually ***GRIN***
The Librarian

A lovely day in the neighbourhood so far ...

... with tommdroid and barong, who have both now wandered off to activities leading towards sleep, as it's close to midnight in their timezone. Was wonderful to see you both again. :-)

I'll keep my connection open, just in case others happen by.

P.S. barong did contribute a help url for Mac users wanting to use IRC

P.P.S. For tommdroid: Paul-Émile Bécat and Martin van Maele have now been added to that gallery you were browsing through. ;-)