June 5th, 2008

The Librarian

Another new book ...

... and this one's 100% back to my misspent childhood/youth. Anyone remember MAD Magazine's "Horrifying Clichés"? Well 80 of the best have been collected into a little hardback book titled The MAD Monster Book of Horrifying Clichés ... the original black/grey/white art has been very nicely coloured** and there are forewords by writer Phil Hahn and artist Paul Coker (surprisingly high-quality binding for this type of thing too!)

A cute little giggle for those days when the brain doesn't want to work too hard. ;p

**Note: The single customer review at the link complains about the added colour being dark, flat, and obscuring the art. Dunno what's wrong with their copy, but mine isn't like that at all ... there's shading and gradation in the colours that matches Coker's original grey tones (I have reprints of some of the originals that I can compare against) and generous use of light and bright colours ... the only dark zones are those that were originally black or very dark grey. Some of the shading is very subtle though ... mebbe the reviewer just needs to up the wattage of their reading light?
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