May 31st, 2008

The Librarian

New tasty treats discovered this weekend

Roka Crispy Cheese Biscuits: first impression is that this is a dry little flavourless thing you've put in your mouth and then there's a sudden gouda explosion on your tastebuds! The only other way to get a taste experience like that is to bite into the real cheese ... YUM!!!

Spa Lemon-Cactus: actually grabbed this from the cooler thinking it was lemonade (well, there IS a lemon on the label) and I'm glad ... it turned out to be a superior hot-day thirst-cutter than regular lemonade. How to describe it ... ever so slightly thickish, as good homemade lemonade is, but carbonated and with an extra bite supplied by the cactus juice. Next shopping trip I'll allow for picking up some extra bottles to bring home. And found a cute commercial for it posted on YouTube while hunting for the manufacturer's link ... see below:

The Librarian

Wrapping up the week of the book ...

Another pair of titles delivered to my desk yesterday, making me feel like the publishers/distributors really like me and my personal orders this week. The latest are:

The Vesuvius Club : a bit of fluff by Mark Gatiss (aka one third of The League of Gentlemen.

Investigating Farscape : uncharted territories of sex and science fiction, by Jes Battis.

The to-read pile just keeps getting taller and taller ...