May 24th, 2008

The Librarian

The strange ways memory works ...

A book I'm reading this afternoon** mentions in passing that a mansion has a fish pond in its grounds ...

... and suddenly I'm thinking of the kingfisher. At some point during my teens my parents bought and set up an above-ground swimming pool in our back yard, near the fence dividing the yard from cattle pasture. There was a small flowering thorn tree growing on the fenceline, and nearly every non-winter day for several years a kingfisher would spend a couple of hours of each morning perched in it, watching the pool intently in case fish magically appeared; the rest of the day was, presumably, spent down the hill by the river where the fish were real.

We really should have dumped a couple of goldfish in one day, just as a reward for all that patience ... ;p

** Brett Halliday's Bodies Are Where You Find Them, for those who are dying to know.