May 23rd, 2008

The Librarian


Upcoming DVD release from BBC Video: The Best of What's Left of "Not Only ... But Also ..." (a sketch comedy series that starred Peter Cook and Dudley Moore). I managed to rent this in VHS form centuries ago and loved it ... sharp and witty and side-achingly funny. Favourites remembered: a long rhyming fairytale called "The Glid of Glood", an upper class twit explaining the facts of life to his son (women get pregnant by sitting on a chair that's still warm from a man sitting on it ... son is extremely alarmed because female family cat has jumped on a chair he just got up from), and a Thunderbirds sketch where villains can be disabled by cutting their strings with scissors and a marionette who has put on weight has had his strings fatten up into ropes ...

Can't wait to get my hands on this one!

P.S. Contrary to appearances, I don't spend hours and hours checking whether my favourite tv shows are out on DVD yet ... I'm registered with and get email notifications from TV Shows on Several DVD distribution companies support and monitor this site to determine potential sales of shows, so it's really worthwhile to sign in and cast votes for your favourites ... c'mon, do your bit to help get Max Headroom out on disk! (it's currently in 42nd place on the unreleased wishlist)