May 12th, 2008


SQUEEE!!!!! and much happy dancing!!!!!

My copy of Pibgorn Rep : a Midsummer Night's Dream arrived today! So glad Brooke McEldowney let this story jump the queue and be the next one published, as it contains some of his most spectacular art ... you can really feel his joy in drawing this one. :-) Plus there's a couple of unique twists ... a female Puck adds an interesting dimension to that character's interactions with Oberon; Bottom is also female and the Indian Prince is a full-grown male stripper, so you can just imagine how much fun Titania has ***GRIN***

Now I shall have to print the post-performance interviews (unfortunately, and presumably accidentally, omitted from the book) and hope that they'll be of a conveniently insertable size, just so that this little gem will be complete. :-)